What makes the perfect gift?

Last Updated: January 23, 2019

When faced with the challenge of finding the right gift we often struggle with knowing what makes it perfect. As the gift basket designer, each gift I create combines 4 elements to make it the perfect gift.

Create an experience:

Instead of giving gift cards to a spa I would create the experience of the spa in a gift.

Imagine coming home after a stressful day at work to a spa gift that is beautifully designed with you in mind for your birthday or just because. The gift is not your normal gift basket, its a bathrobe creatively arranged to hold slippers, bath products with your favorite fragrance, an aromatherapy candle, and an eye mask all enhanced with your favorite flowers. How nice would that be?

Encompass what you know about the recipient:

What do you know about the recipient you are giving to? When is their birthday, what is their favorite flower or color? Do they have a favorite sport or sports team? Are they avid beer or wine drinkers? Do they enjoy gardening, playing video games or the lottery? Are they a pet lover?

Knowing the answers to some of these questions will make the design unique and personal.

For one of my clients, they had a friend that lost her spouse. The key information I learned about the recipient of the gift is that she and her husband were dog breeders. With that information, I designed a memory box with dog prints on it and her spouses' name engraved on the top. The memory box was filled with items to help her through the grieving process. Not only did the recipient love the gift, but she also had the memory box to cherish the memories of her loved one for years to come.

Represent a relationship between the giver and the given:

The expression of love displayed through the items chosen to make up the gift speaks volumes to the person you are giving a gift to. How special would you feel after receiving a custom gift designed with you in mind that represents their gratitude for a job well done, for a prosperous marriage or to comfort you when you have lost a loved one? For me, I would feel very appreciated and cared for. To make your gift extra special it can include a picture of you and the person you are giving the gift to in a nice picture frame or on a coffee mug.

Make the event or occasion memorable:

The combining of things that represent who a person is, what they enjoy, their purpose for being and what you hope to say, assembled into a design that will become a unique gift will make any event or occasion extra special. The container can be something the recipient can reuse like a flower pot, ice bucket, spaghetti strainer, coffee mug, a watering hose, a hat box or a shoe.

Let your creativity shine thru with the blending of ideas and products into something unique.

At Creative GiftBasket Designs, Your occasion is our inspiration!

If you have other ideas about what makes the perfect gift please feel free to share them here as we are always looking for new fresh ideas.