About Us

Marcella Dunbar

Meet Marcella Dunbar

Founder & CEO

Marcella Dunbar is the founder and CEO of Creative GiftBasket Designs. She started her company with a desire to live a debt free life and a passion for creating artfully designed gifts. Her designs are more than appealing to the visual senses; she tells a story with each one, capturing the occasion and relaying a message.  Recipients of her gifts marvel at the detail she puts into each design, depicting occasions and moments of life that clients want to celebrate. Her baskets effortlessly infuse the colorful realities of life with the fantasy of captured moments, expressing emotions through design.  

About The Company

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients relay a message, capture the occasion and tell a story through the gifts we design. 

What Set's Us Apart

  • Our clients control the budget.
  • Each design is unique, encompasses the message being relayed.
  • The recipient and occasion are incorporated into the design. 
  • Overhead is lower which allows for reasonable prices.
  • Gifts are composed of local Ohio products when possible.


Why You Should Choose Us

  • Unique gift basket designs
  • Affordable pricing
  • Unique personal touch services
  • Economical gift wrapping options
  • Incorporate multi-purpose containers into designs
  • Offer customizable cookie and candy arrangements