College Care Gifting Program

Designed to provide comfort, support, and a little taste of home to students as they navigate their academic journey. Whether they're starting their freshman year or approaching graduation, our curated selection of gifts is the perfect way to show you care and encourage them along the way.

For Freshmen: Help your favorite freshman start their college experience on the right foot with a thoughtful care package filled with essentials and treats. From study aids and dorm room decor to comforting snacks and self-care items, our gifts are designed to ease the transition and make them feel right at home in their new environment.

For Sophomores and Juniors: As they settle into their routines and dive deeper into their studies, our College Care Gift Program offers gifts to keep them motivated and inspired. Whether it's a subscription to a wellness app for stress relief or a gourmet coffee sampler to fuel those late-night study sessions, our gifts are a reminder that you're cheering them on every step of the way.

For Seniors: As graduation approaches, our College Care Gift Program offers gifts to celebrate their achievements and help them prepare for the next chapter. Whether it's a professional development course to enhance their skills or a personalized portfolio to showcase their work, our gifts are a thoughtful way to support them as they transition into the workforce or pursue further education.

For Parents and Loved Ones: For parents and loved ones looking to show their support from afar, our College Care Gift Program offers a selection of gifts to let your student know you're thinking of them.  Our gifts are a way to stay connected and show you care, no matter the distance.

Each of our College Care Gift Program offerings is carefully chosen and beautifully presented, ensuring that every recipient feels supported and appreciated as they navigate the ups and downs of college life. With our gifts, you're not just sending a package – you're sending a little piece of home and a whole lot of love.

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