Marcella Dunbar

Marcella Dunbar attributes her creativity to God, her loving family and her African American Heritage. With a desire to live a debt free life and a passion for creating artfully designed gifts she started a gift basket company, Creative GiftBasket Designs, selling custom designed gift baskets for corporate and personal gifting.

Work With Me

Product Reviews

Creative GiftBasket Designs Gift News features products and services that are relevant to its audience. When a product is sent for review, there are no guarantees that I’ll write a standalone post about the product. However, I will definitely test the product

and provide feedback. The product may be used for an upcoming project and a direct link to the product on the supplier's page may be provided.

If a product did not perform as expected, I will not post a negative or damaging review. However, I will provide constructive feedback on why it may not be a product I can recommend to my audience.

Send an email to with more information about your products. I look forward to working with you.

What Should Be Given For A Anniversary Gift?

January 1, 2019

Choosing the perfect anniversary gift doesn't have to be hard. Using the month of the wedding day to identify what to give will help...

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What Makes The Perfect Gift?

January 23, 2019

When faced with the challenge of finding the right gift we often struggle with knowing what makes it perfect. As the gift basket designer, each gift I create combines 4 elements to make it the perfect gift.

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